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The Story Behind Big Stone Advancing Arts

Big Stone Advancing Arts
Artist Bruce Sillman polishing one of his many artworks.

Big Stone Advancing Arts was originally established in 2012 by a group of seasoned artists who had possession of a large collection of unique and inspiring artwork and sculptures. Community members who were exposed to this artwork strongly encouraged these artists to find a way to share these exceptional creations with the community at large. Thus, with contributions from these artists, the Minnesota nonprofit organization of Big Stone Advancing Arts was born.

Big Stone Advancing Arts is currently responsible for the ongoing operations, programs and educational activities that occur at both the ARTs Museum and Gallery in Mound, MN, and the Big Stone Sculpture Gardens in Minnetrista, MN. The organization has also contributed sculptures for public display in various other communities throughout the region.

Artist Bruce Stillman serves as the director of Big Stone Advancing Arts and was largely responsible for the creation of many of the works at Big Stone Sculpture Gardens. Stillman started designing his first creations at the age of 16. Since then he has dedicated his life to the arts. He uses his knowledge to bring positive creative art experiences to the community. Many other Minnesota artists have also contributed to the artwork and sculptures on display.

Additionally, Big Stone Advancing Arts is active in educating the community about the arts by hosting art programs, art classes, fun activities, and games. These events are hosted at both the ARTs Museum and Gallery and at the Big Stone Sculpture Gardens.

Big Stone Advancing Arts partners with Big Stone Mini Golf, which is a strong supporter and contributor to the Big Stone Sculpture Gardens project.