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Programs at Big Stone Advancing Arts

Big Stone Advancing Arts hosts a variety of activities and programs. Many of our guests enjoy the park through self-guided tours.

Our exhibits are uniquely displayed through a park-like setting of rolling hills, organic gardens, picnic areas, ponds, and an open pasture that also serves as home to a variety of grazing animals. To truly learn the history, originality, inventiveness, and imagination that is incorporated into our distinctive artwork, we encourage you to contact us for a guided tour by our staff or one of the artists.

Guests find our sculptures both interactive and engaging. We have several kinetic artistic sculptures that are engineered experiments of perpetual motion. We also offer interactive games and activities for our guests. You will find picnic areas available throughout the grounds, and a camp fire for roasting marshmallows in the center of the legendary Stonehenge.

Programs and Activities

  • The Big Birds Project
  • Smores at Stonehenge
  • Yoga with the Goats
  • School Field Trip Tours
  • Movies in the Park
  • Picnics in the Pasture

Outdoor Games

  • Life-sized Chess Board
  • Regulation Bocce Ball Court
  • Stone Top Shuffleboard
  • Large Stone Checkers
  • Bean Bag/Cornhole Toss Courts
  • Granite Table Ping Pong

Call us for details or to schedule an event.

Big Birds at Big Stone Advancing Arts
The Big Birds Project
Life-sized Chess at Big Stone Advancing Arts
Enjoying a life-sized game of Chess